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The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) have jointly announced their decision to withdraw services and shut down Imo State, effective from Tuesday midnight. The decision comes as a response to ongoing issues and demands raised by the labor unions.

According to a communique issued by the NLC and TUC, the resolution reads in part, “Consequently, the NLC/TUC NEC-in-Session resolved as follows: To order the immediate withdrawal of services and shutdown of Imo state beginning midnight today.”

The unions have called on all workers and their affiliates to ensure compliance with the shutdown directive.

The communique further states, “All flights into and out of Imo state, fuel supplies, and electricity be stopped immediately as applicable. All Public and Private Sector workers are to immediately down tools indefinitely.”

The announcement by the NLC and TUC also includes a warning that if their demands remain unmet, workers across the entire federation will join the protest by withdrawing their services by Midnight on Tuesday, the 14th of November, 2023.

In a final directive, the communique mandates all State Councils of NLC & TUC and their affiliates to ensure full compliance with the National Executive Council’s decision.

This development has the potential to significantly impact various sectors within Imo State, and it reflects the seriousness of the labor unions’ demands. The exact nature of the demands and the subsequent response from the government are yet to be detailed, but this shutdown is expected to draw attention to the issues at hand.


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